Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bush and Shed

These three I did outside today. The bush is not quite as ominous in color, though it is still quite vigorous. The drawings may be like a bank account: overdrawn, but one learns with every effort. This shed reminds me of old age. I was surprised to see that a storm window has been placed in the window opening on the other side (not visible), presumably a little upkeep to hold off the rain. Somebody still cares about the old shed. I plan on doing more with the shed tomorrow, to see if I learned anything today. The weather is supposed to be better than today's heavy overcast with only momentary appearances of the sun.


SamArtDog said...

Your fearless greens actually glow. I like how you anchor them with a bit of complement.

Bob Lafond said...

Sam, Thanks.


Sally Veach said...

I do not think your drawings are overdrawn. They are quite inspiring.