Friday, July 23, 2010

My mind is still on the river

You too can become still and peaceful looking at the river. This is one of my 6x8 oils. Early morning view.


Double "D" said...

Nice Bob, you're creating some cool paintings.
I admire your tenacity...very inspirational.

loriann said...

Hi Bob, It's obvious that when your muse speaks you listen. Beautiful river work. I think you realize that your key to soulful work is a complete connection with you "subject." I am glad that I finally had time to check in and see.
I will be in touch when I finally return home.

Bob Lafond said...

Doug, Thanks.

Loriann, I love your tiny oil from earlier today. Your bits of wisdom from your learning experience out West are very welcome.

Nika said...

Great color harmony, seemingly simple... Very focused.