Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blair Road and Bush

Here are two versions of the Blair Road barn and shed, first in oil and then in pastel. I think the oil helped me with the pastel.

The bush drawing is the last thing I did today late this afternoon. The bush is quite imposing, especially from this view below looking up. They are all 8x10.


Double "D" said...

Hi Bob,

The bush is powerful and incredible!
Is it for sale?

Let me know ... maybe I can afford it.


loriann said...

Hi Bob! That bush is awesome. Isn't it amazing how one medium feeds off the other?

Bob Lafond said...

Doug, Thank you. I think you can afford it. I will contact you separately.

Loriann, I like the bush a lot too. I have been looking at it for over a year. I probably will do more, including pastels.

Bob Lafond said...

Doug, Send me an email: my address is at "my website" on my blog. I can't seem to locate yours on your blog sites.