Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Miniatures

The bottom is an 8x10 oil of the Hopper with Greylock at the right, another version of what I have recently done in other media. The top two are 5x7 pastels on acrylic washes. I think I am going to do a bunch of the small views until something starts to move somewhere. The small things force me to generalize, keep it simple, and not get bogged down in details.


Brian McGurgan said...

These have a wonderful sense of "place", Bob, and of the season. My wife and I spent time in northern CT with friends over the weekend and you've captured perfectly the color and feeling of the light and snow. I especially like the composition and snow value and color in the second one.

Bob Lafond said...

Brian, Thanks. Northern CT is very much like MA, esp. when it comes to snow and light.