Friday, January 7, 2011

Working On

These images have been posted in the order that I worked on them. The first one is a 12 x 16 oil, a view of the Delaware River from the footbridge. The canal is in the lower left corner. So there's a canal, a path that used to be a railroad bed, a road, a river, and a bridge over the river. I am not sure I can photograph something much bigger than this with my set up. It helps when the image is not shiny in spots, like a pastel or a drawing. Maybe I should do some large drawings. I was thinking about that today. A whole series of large drawings.

The top two are stix and conte crayon drawings made to help determine what to paint next.


loriann said...

It's always a treat to come visit your blog Bob. I have really been enjoying your snow paintings and drawing. Carry on!

Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, Thanks. My visual memory is not as good as yours!