Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Brook

This is an 8x10 pastel over acrylic washes on uart paper. I started it yesterday. I am also working on an oil painting that is almost finished. I love to paint in oil, and it's influencing my handling of pastel in a good way, I think. Colin Page (see my link at right) recently wrote about the pleasure of "smearing" paint. I completely agree with him, and Stuart Shils, who inspired Colin Page to talk about it.


Nika said...

Strange to say that about snow, but it feels very tactile...Such pleasing texture.

Bob Lafond said...

Nika, Thank you. Visually pleasing, unless you happen to fall in it. When I first went snow shoeing, at first I kept stepping on my snowshoes, and falling.

Nika said...

Oh, no, don't fall into it! I know, i say that from a luxury of a warm studio in FL, having not seen snow in years...And yet I envy you people with snow outside:)