Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two Elderly Barns

When I first saw the barn in the first painting, an 8x10 oil on panel, back in April of last year, the vines had no leaves.  They wrapped the barn in a black net making it look very foreboding.  It looks just as scary in green.  It's actually the other end of the barn that I painted yesterday, which is vine free. The other 8x10 oil on panel is of the barn previously painted that has as much wood missing as present.  I did both paintings today on site, though again 'reviewed' them in the studio.


cohen labelle said...

The openness and unrestraint of the barn with wood missing is marvellous.

Bob Lafond said...

Marcia, Thank you. You are very kind. But you are praising the barn, which deserves it.

cohen labelle said...

It's the interpretive skills of the artist that I am commending.