Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Old Barn

A few years ago I wrote how old barns reminded me of...old, and wise folks.  Some are falling down, some are in good shape, and they are always fascinating because of what they represent, what they have seen, and undergone.  Anyway, this painting is an 11x14 done yesterday at the site (with some slight changes later).  The field in front of the barn entrance had just been mowed allowing me to take this vantage point.  Previously the grass was about four feet high.  I worked on this thing for two hours.  I took a photo just before I started, and one right after I finished.   It's amazing how things change in two hours, as recorded by the photos.  God only knows where the painting fits in.  After a while, you realize that the only thing that counts is what is on the canvas. I'm not thrilled with it, but it was a good experience, in a long line going back and going forward.  Sort of like an old barn.

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