Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ninth-Smith Streets Subway

And now for something completely different: an 18x24 oil on canvas of the Ninth Street approach to the subway at Smith Street in Brooklyn.  This subway station, instead of being underground, is the highest station in the world, originally built in 1930 to allow for tall masted ships to travel the Gowanus Canal.  Once the subway/upway was completed the tall ships disappeared from the Gowanus.  You can look all this up on the Internet.   This may also be the only painting in the world of the Ninth/Smith subway, but I don't know how to find that out.  Just a hunch.


Compton Studio said...

Love it Robert! It brings back memories -- My first apartment in New York was at the converted candy factory that looked directly into the Smith and Ninth Street Station. It looked like an Edward Hopper painting at night. Great painting.

Compton Studio said...

I guess I should have said my first apartment was IN the candy factory. My grammar has deteriorated in the age of email!

Bob Lafond said...

Eden, Thank you. Sorry for the tardy reply. In or at is close enough. Don't you wish you could paint those views today.