Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Stix and a Painting

The 9x12 painting I did this afternoon on the same ridge above Stratton, but looking down an almost perpendicular driveway that makes the meeting of Blair and Stratton Roads actually a three-way intersection.   The 8x10 art stix drawing I did this morning to scout out the view, hence the shadowing is different.  The other stix drawing is the prep I did earlier for yesterday's painting.

Today I learned that I still approach outdoor painting trying to do it in stages, as in a studio.  But I only have an hour or so, so I must forget the stages and immediately get the right color and value, and put it on.  Any finessing can be done at the last minute.  Easily said.  I do like doing the art stix preparatory drawings, which set my compositions up, only leaving the painting to be done!

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