Monday, August 11, 2014

On the Road

The routine of doing an Art Stix drawing this morning and then the painting in the afternoon worked well today.  The differences in the two, besides the media, is due to the time of day.  I tried to be as direct as possible when applying paint, but that's not uniformly possible.  The sky needs to go in early for example, with the knowledge that non-sky paint will be applied over it later.  However, it only took me about an hour to do this one.

The painting is a 9x12 oil on canvas of a stretch of Stratton that I have done many times.  Except that this time I placed myself in the field and in the shade far enough away to escape the dust clouds from speeding drivers.  Stratton at this point is a dirt road, and it's hot and dry.  Tomorrow and the next day rain is in the forecast, so I will be in the studio.  While painting, I had a visit from someone who lives nearby, and asked for and received permission to park at their place, so I will have an opportunity to do more paintings from a nice spot on the road.

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