Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Overlooking Stratton

Of course, overlooking Stratton is the last thing I can do in my walking life, but at the top of Stratton I can look over it facing north.  Strange word 'overlook' which also defines its opposite.   Staying in the studio has its benefits, where I worked on a familiar view previously painted, drawn, and photographed.   I did try to get out three times today, but seem to provoke the rain every time.  The above is a 12x24 oil on canvas.

Lately,  I have been reading the poetry of Derek Walcott.  In a biography by Bruce King, Derek Walcott: A Caribbean Life,  King writes in relation to Walcott, who always wanted to be a better painter than he is a poet,  "Painting was about painting, not story, not morals.  Amateurs were concerned with subjects.  Good painters were concerned with making, with workmanship."  This comment certainly applies to Walcott the excellent poet.  But it also reflects the confusion many people have about painting.  I'm happy to see that the difference between amateur and professional painters is not tied to money.


Donna T said...

You sure are taking advantage of your beautiful views at this time of year, Bob. How is it that you control your greens so well? I really like the long format of this painting and enjoyed looking at all you've done in the last few days. Great quote too. I think we all hope to convey something more than accurate descriptions of subjects.

Bob Lafond said...

Donna, Thank you for the comments. Regarding greens, I deliberately plan ahead which blue(s) and yellow(s) I am going to use depending upon the scene. The tough thing is getting dark greens. I have found several new vantage points so can keep painting at this site for another month. The people who live there have been very kind to me in terms of allowing me to work on their property.