Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Walk

This past Saturday I walked along Route 43 from Hancock to Williamstown, MA, a journey of several miles.  I've done this before on this road and elsewhere at different times of the year.  My wife will drop me off, and pick me up when I am ready to stop.  Macfarlane concedes later in his book The Wild Places that all the wild places aren't found in remote, never-travelled sites, but often, very often, right where we all live.  I think many wild places are at edges, such as edges of fields, rivers, and roads.

Route 43 doesn't have too many cars on it to be overly bothersome, but it does have incredible views, which one can't appreciate fully from a car.  Route 43 runs through a valley with mountains on either side.  I started at my favorite barn with the barber pole (above 9x12 oil).  I take pictures and notes, and always find something I had not seen before.  This time an overgrown 19th century cemetery which no one in a car would ever see.  In fact, I missed it the last time I walked by a year ago.  There are plenty of fallen down structures, and non-traditional views to be seen when walking along a roadway.  I did see some deer, plenty of cows, and lotsa crows.  More images to come.

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