Friday, December 21, 2012

Fourth and Union

An 11x14 drawing.  Next I will try a pastel version.

More from the Cezanne biography:
'Renoir was an acute observer.  He note Cezanne's immense pride, matched by his deep humility; his intense focus on the task at hand, and his corresponding lack of interest in the work he had already made--an indifference bordering on the careless, which led him to shed paintings whenever they had served their purpose, casting them off like old clothes.  He appreciated what baffled the slower Monet: the "half-serious, half-joking" quality of Cezanne's talk.  All of this was well illustrated in his story of Cezanne complaining about a wealthy member of the Aixois bourgeoisie, who had a picture by Besnard in his living room--"ce pompier qui prend feu," a play on pompier, a fireman or a piece of hack work, each in its own way catching fire--and who also had the temerity to stand next to Cezanne at vespers and sing out of tune.  Renoir, amused, reminded him that all Christians are brothers.  "After all, both of you will be together in heaven for eternity." "No," came the swift retort.  "In heaven they know very well that I am Cezanne!"  Then he added: "I am not even capable of working out the volumes properly.  I am nothing."'

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