Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brooklyn Cubist and Flying Cezannes

Still not sure about this one.  Too many same size cubes.  Though I do like the truck, and the hole in the sidewalk is intriguing.

From the magnificent Cezanne biography: "[Cezanne] received Vollard very cordially in Aix [after the 1895 exhibition at Vollards]..., attended by his son, now effectively his agent, who was deputed to rescue a still life from a cherry tree, after Cezanne had thrown the canvas out the window.  ('Son, we must get down the Apples.  I shall try and get on with that study!')  This sounds far-fetched, but his sister Marie's gardener, Auguste Blanc, remembered canvases in the olive trees in the grounds of his last studio, left for seasons on end before being harvested by the artist."

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