Friday, December 21, 2012

Blasted Tree and More Cezanne

This drawing, made late this afternoon, is from my sketchbook.  I was wandering through the woods looking at the tremendous damage left by hurricane Sandy.

I highly recommend the book, Cezanne: A Life by Alex Danchev.   It's a fun book to read.  Danchev does a great job showing the character of Cezanne with anecdotes and describing the how Cezanne relates to his time, acquaintances and friends.  Here's another excerpt regarding Cezanne's sister Marie: "At her death, in 1921, she possessed one painting, a study of Mont Sainte-Victoire.  Late in life, when a visitor made bold to remark on how few Cezannes she had, she replied: 'Oh! Monsieur, I have that Sainte-Victoire because my brother forced me to take it, and so as not to upset him!  I never understood and I still don't understand anything about my brother's painting!  And he used to say to me: Marie, I tell you I'm the greatest painter alive!'"

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