Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Old Building

The first time I saw this building I remember thinking that it must have a fascinating history, just in terms of its still being around. It's overly neglected today and thus even more attractive visually.


SKIZO said...


Bob Lafond said...

Thank you. I made some changes in the pastel, which I hope are improvements. It needed more light in the shadows.

Donna T said...

Both your drawing and your pastel capture the character of that lovely old building, Bob. I hope you don't mind a few questions. Why do you think it works best for you to do the pastels (color)later? How do you decide which colors to use - memory, photo references or notes? Thanks, I find your method of working very interesting.

Bob Lafond said...

Donna, The charcoal helps me become more familiar with the scene, and manipulating the charcoal gives more insight into the handling of the somewhat related pastels. What colors I use is a matter of memory, photo references, and invention. The old building is located in a place where I couldn't take a step without looking out for the cars. I took a lot of photos between jumping out of the way of cars. I take photos and do a drawing of a site if I can. Later I work from a large Mac. Unfortunately, I don't have too many daylight hours to work in. I plan on doing oil sketches outside in the coming weeks since for these I don't have to carry too much stuff and can do more sketches with the time I have. Doing pastels outside is not easy because I can't easily carry all the pastels that I normally use.