Wednesday, May 5, 2010

White Barn and Silo

This barn and silo are located not far from the wavy barn. And it's not red. I hope to do more with this one.

I just finished a book called Alla Prima by Al Gury on "traditional direct painting." He illustrates two artists of interest to me: Jon Redmond, and Tom Thomson. Thomson was a Candadian artist, who died young (1917). Self-taught, he spent only five years painting wilderness landscapes in Ontario basically out of a cigar box and a canoe. All his paintings are small, and they number in the hundreds, and, judging from the reproductions I have seen, they are fabulous. You can google both these artists to see their work. I will have more to say about Thomson in the future.


Donna T said...

Your barns are very inspiring, Bob, and I look forward to seeing you do a color version of this one. I might try your charcoal method for plein air studies and see if maybe I might be able to be more creative with color in the studio.

Double "D" said...

Nice one Bob.
Your charcoal drawings are inspirational
and soon to be tried when I get out.
I've always thought that the history
of barns says a great deal about the people
that settled the land.
Course that's from a farm boy.

Melinda said...

There is a keen richness in this drawing. Strong work. And, I love the red barn in the previous post. I see hints of Wolf Kahn and others here--but with your signature.

Looking forward to more of your work. Now, I'll go and google the artists you mentioned.

Bob Lafond said...

Donna, Thank you. I have done a couple of color studies, but plan on doing some larger paintings.

Doug, I have to agree with you about the charcoals and the barns.

Melinda, Thank you very much. Wolf Kahn is a favorite master.