Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Canal Keeps on Flowing

I checked with Vince, and he said to post everything at once. They are in order of creation, from bottom to top, top being the last made. The first one is the longer version of the Vellum Canal, longer as in the time it took to make it.

I am back in barn country, where I have another set of lamps. I just had to trek all the pastels and drawings there to make the photos. The next set of images will probably be barns again.


SamArtDog said...

Glad you trekked. The charcoals are as standout as always, and the pastels are splendid. But #5, with its pale skiff of aqua, is enchanting.

loriann said...

oooooh, the charcoal piece with that slice of aqua blue made my heart skip a beat. really nice.

Bob Lafond said...

Sam and Loriann, Thanks. We keep on plugging away.

SKIZO said...

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