Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Time to move on to something else. I think I am over my obsession with this barn. Maybe. This one is 8x10.


RT said...

They`re nice Bob but I`ve been hoping you`d go back to the quarry or canal.

Bob Lafond said...

RT, I know what you mean. Nice, but missing something still. I will be back to the canal shortly. Thank you.


loriann said...

I think your b&W barns are amazing and that each subject is helping you weave your way to a fuller understanding that is bigger than barns, canal or quarry. Do what calls you. Paint the same thing for a year..or more. You will never paint it the same.
As I am learning barns are structure where we need to make the chaos.You can have more than one muse...even three. Cheers!