Sunday, March 31, 2013

City Market and Cezanne

A 16x20 oil of the City Market in Lambertville.

In the book Cezanne: Visions of a Great Painter Henri Lallemand writes, "...his landscapes have no seasonal variance, the people of his portraits little individual character, and the everyday objects in his still-lifes no trivial function.  The artist projected his isolation and loneliness onto a natural world which is void of human subjugation, and the composition of his works are as tight and complex as his own personality.  His goal was to take the contemporary aspects out of his subjects, to make them appear permanent, eternal.  His life in Aix, with its immutable rhythms, determined the iconography of his paintings."

I imagine that it would be possible to extrapolate similar psychological conclusions about the mature, consistent work of any artist.  Cezanne, first through the influence of Pissarro and then his own persistence, managed to transcend his weaknesses, and turn them into strengths.

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