Friday, February 3, 2012

The Canal in the Early Morning

Another in the series of early morning canals, planned slowly and painted quickly in several stages. 9x12 pastel.

I have completed the De Kooning biography. Long live the king. When talking about his late pastoral paintings, he said, "Actually I've fallen in love with nature... I don't know the names of trees but I see things in nature very well. I've got a good eye for them, and they look back at me." To borrow a metaphor from Thoreau (and De Kooning), the canal is an eye looking at me.


SamArtDog said...

Ahhh... you and your canal. I don't know if anyone (perhaps Casey Klahn?) said the following before, but you prove the point so beautifully that it bears repeating. Paint what you love and paint it again.

I love reading your take on the biographies; I'm looking forward to your pithy comments about Matisse.

Bob Lafond said...

Sam, Thanks. Sorry you couldn't stay in Hawaii longer. I paint canal portraits. Never the same person. I can't wait to start the Matisse biography.