Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Hopper

The drawing I did this past weekend, and the oil painting I completed yesterday. Both 11x14.

I have spent the last couple weeks with Willem De Kooning. Where I am in the biography, he is now past being the successful "king" of the action painters. I love his work, but his lifestyle was very demanding for those who loved him, especially after the late 1950's. Interesting parallels with the other Dutchman, Van Gogh. Both would not have become who they did become without the destructive influence of their mothers.


Casey Klahn said...

I enjoyed the deK bio very much, as well. The man could drink.

Also, Bill deK would be my number one guy to socialize with. Can I put my favorite guy, Matisse, in almost the same geographic region as van Gogh and deK? They were a powerful threesome.

I have enjoyed all of your recent pastels, paintings and drawings, these included. The shapes and simplicity in the top one are fine.

Bob Lafond said...

Casey, Thank you. I too was amazed at his drinking. I agree about Matisse. His biography is next for me to read, but his life may seem dull by comparison to the two Dutchmen. Not his art however.