Friday, July 8, 2011

Berkshire Pond

These two images represent a much smaller domestic pond instead of the Mediterranean. I will be bouncing back and forth between here and there. Planning on doing more pencil drawings, I just acquired some soft, dark pencils. The above drawing was done with a 6B pencil, which is not dark enough. Every morning, and some evenings I have been walking and drawing, filling up sketchbooks with quick and not so quick drawings.

Around 1913 Bonnard underwent some kind of artistic crisis. He responded by drawing a lot for the next several years besides painting. He apparently felt that he had been overemphasizing color over form. He wrote, "I wanted to forget everything I knew, I sought to learn what I didn't know..." In any case, instead of waiting for a crisis, I am learning that drawing a lot just opens up new ways and ideas. I don't think I am forgetting too much, but I am learning what I don't know.

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