Monday, November 8, 2010

Woods in Late Morning

The sun was bright since the leaf canopy is mostly gone. I like those words, "leaf canopy". Sounds like a jungle, even though it's New Jersey. More fallen trees. I was looking at a nice site devoted to drawing trees today, but in the images all the trees are standing up. I look down as well as up and ahead when in the woods. Otherwise I might trip. This one is 8x10 on Wallis paper prepped with acrylic wash followed by pastel.


Double "D" said...

Bob, I really like all of your pastel studies. I think they great and have great expression.

loriann said...

Hi Bob, I am so happy to have time to see all you have been creating. Your use of color is inspiring! A blog full of beauties! Paint on!

Bob Lafond said...

Hey, Doug and Loriann, Thank you!