Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bend in Brook in Color

Another version of this may be coming, when the sun hasn't quite come over the hill on the right. The hill is not visible in the painting.


Double "D" said...

Another beauty Bob.
The sketch and the finished piece
are both great.

Question, is the creek bottom that
iron oxide color? I must say, it's an
awesome color.

Bob Lafond said...

Doug, The creek is that color, more or less, depending upon the light and sun. Someone asked me a while back how I see all those colors, and I responded that I make them up, which is also true. I have discovered that when you look for colors you start seeing them. Am I hallucinating? In the end it's the picture that counts.

Poet Whale Studio said...

I love the abstract quality you've created. I feel instantly that I know those woods.

Bob Lafond said...

Poet Whale Studio, Thank you for the comment. You have an interesting blog, which I intend to explore.