Monday, March 8, 2010


I made this quick, fast, and speedy, trying to keep an abstract quality. Does it work? I want to keep going in this direction, though I will stay on the shore. It's 8x10 on colourfix paper.

I recently came across a painter who does beautiful work that is very small, painterly and abstract: Neil Riley. Look him up.


loriann said...

These Florida scenes are beautiful. I notice that your work keeps edging more towards abstract as well. Seems like you had a metamorphosis of your own a while back. Bravo!
I did check out Neil Reilly- very subtle colors that seem to have a jewel-like quality. Nice. Thanks for the introduction.
Happy painting!

SamArtDog said...

Bob, I think thumbnails show a good abstract at its best. Yeah, I'd say this works very well!

Donna T said...

Hi Bob, I found your blog through Loriann's blog and I am a fan of your work! Do you mind if I ask if your black and white drawings are used as underpaintings for your pastels or are they separate, used for reference? I checked out Neil Riley too and love his simple, honest approach to painting.

Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, Thanks for keeping up with me. I have a hard time keep up with you!

Sam, Thanks.

Donna, My b&w drawings are separate. I am thinking of trying to do plein air with just b&w. Less to carry. Thank you for being a fan.

aphutsaja said...

nice picture

Bob Lafond said...

Aphutsaja, Thanks for commenting.