Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last One for a While

A pastel painting and a charcoal pencil sketch in preparation. Scale has been an issue. I added the larger objects to avoid the lemon looking like a grapefruit.


loriann said...

Hi Bob! I have been watching your canal and lemon works and I notice one difference. When you paint the canal (or your barns) you move from one thing to the next with no care for the thingness of it. Lines are blurred beautifully. It becomes and expressive whole. I feel that when you paint the lemon and its friends your separations tend to be stronger, even in this black and white. So if you don't mind I have 2 suggestions. One, change the lighting so the distinctions are blurred. Two, squint real hard. You are an amazing painter with real sensitivity to the things you love. Fall in love with the lemon. Maybe paint only it for awhile. (I guess that qualifies as a third suggestion)
Cheers happy painter!

Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, I missed your comment until today. I'm squinting more these days. Thanks.