Saturday, November 7, 2009

En Maison Air and Monet

My latest 5x7 Lemon and Honey painting done indoors en maison air.

I have been reading the excellent exhibition catalogue Monet in the 20th Century, in which Paul Hayes Tucker writes:

"When Sargent came to see him at the Savoy in 1901, the American expatriate was more than a little amused to watch him desperately search through more than eighty canvases stacked up in his suite trying to find just the right one when the effect he was working on happened to change. Even Monet knew it was a little absurd.

It is therefore understandable that he worked on many of these paintings as much in Giverny as he did in London...His decision to complete them in Giverny, however, cost him some public-relations points; a reporter found out and leaked that the great impressionist was painting his Londons away from the sites and, worse yet, was relying on photographs. When Monet learned of the article, he erupted in a rare display of public anger."


Irina said...

I like it. I am so far from being a professional painter that when I give the advice you can forget it the same minute you read. But I would add dark, light in value, horisontal contour to the place where objects touch the cloth. Again, I do not want to look "I_know_everything", because I am sure not.

Bob Lafond said...

Irina, Good point. I made adjustments in the next one.