Monday, July 6, 2009

Stratton Road in Early Morning and Infinity

This is more to my liking in terms of the painterly qualities that I am after.

I am still working my way through John Ruskin's Modern Painters. Here's an interesting excerpt: "One...of these child instincts, I believe that few forget; the emotion, namely caused by all open ground, or line of any spacious kind against the sky, behind which there might be conceived the sea. It is an emotion more pure than that caused by the sea itself...I have ascertained it to be frequent among those who possess the most vivid sensibilities for nature; and I am certain that the modification of it, which belong to our after years, is common to all. The love, namely, of a light distance appearing over a comparatively dark horizon...It is nobler form, it is not by positiveness of hue, it is not by intensity of light...that this strange distant space possesses its attractive power. But there is one thing that it has, or suggests, which no other object of sight suggests in equal degree, and that is--Infinity."

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