Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dean Street and the Junk Yard Dog

A view of another area in Brooklyn, Dean Street, where there are old warehouses, empty lots, littered sidewalks and junk yards: a 9x12 oil on panel.

When I was there a few days ago, I saw a dark gray cat cut across an empty fenced-in lot.  Then as I turned the corner, I  saw the cat go into the junk yard across the street.  The cat immediately ran out of the junkyard as I approached the gate.  The most sorry looking small bull dog came out in pursuit, but stopped immediately upon seeing me.  The dog seemed to have one eye half-closed, a large scar on his face, and a bulls eye ring around one eye.  He (assumption) looked at me suspiciously for a second, and, while I wondered if he was going to attack me, he quickly ran back and disappeared into the junk yard.  As I continued on my way, I wondered why the cat had entered the junk yard to begin with. Certainly both animals were locals aware of each other's existence.

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