Friday, June 16, 2017

Ogunquit Bush and Bellows

When walking the Marginal Way, I couldn't help but see this vigorous bush at the margin.  This is a 12x16 oil on panel.

Because of my attraction to his Monhegan sea paintings, I've been reading about George Bellows.  The book by Mahonri Sharp Young contains interesting comments:

"We like to think the realist vision is a fantasy, but it's solid rock compared to some of our obsessions.  It has a wide appeal because it's widely shared; most people see that way today.  Besides, there's something immensely attractive about Bellows' outlook, something which is still present in the world we deplore.  We try not to find things fascinating or colorful, but they are."

"We have no tradition of the grand old man in art.  It's not a role our men fall into naturally; mostly they fall into bitterness."

Regarding the effect of success on an artist like Bellows:  "We exaggerate the benefits of failure."

Regarding Bellows ' life: "Nothing bad happened to him except his early death, and that was so unexpected he never gave it a thought."

"It is true:  Bellows appealed to people who don't like art, as Wyeth does today."

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