Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rainy Day

Even in France, a day of sun can be followed by a day of rain.  This 9x12 oil on canvas represents the plaza in front of the Opera House in Bordeaux.  Wet marble reflects the light and passers-by (well, one) are bundled up against the cold.  I've been wanting to try my hand at painting a rainy day painting.  I tried to keep it simple again. The colors were limited to burnt sienna, yellow ochre and ultramarine blue, plus white.  I like the way this composition works, an "H" in the middle, with balancing variations.  It's a "found" composition in that it was there and I took it.


Tom said...

Obviously you capture the wetness of the scene very well. For me it adds quite a lot of interest. The background shows complexity without fussing with detail. Well done.

Bob Lafond said...

Tom, Thanks. As I indicated, I've been wanting to do rainy scenes for a while.