Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beauty and the Bull

This time a view of the clouds and mountains with a garage and shed, which are there, set against the background to provide contrast.  

I was joined by Walt Pasko,  who has been painting plein air for a long time.  His venerable Gloucester easel reflects the fence posts.

The fence, though it has four strands of barbed wire and sturdy posts, is not as strong as it seems.  While I was painting, I heard a loud snort behind me.  Someone on Facebook had joked recently about meeting a bull.  Well, I turned around and there he was about ten feet from me, and on the wrong side of the fence, my side, that is.  He had already run by Walt who was painting higher up.  The bull was big, dark and powerfully built.  He whined a little when I looked at him, and continued to run down the hill.  I saw him again a few minutes later.  Somehow he had managed to get through the fence (again), and was slowly walking back up the hill, but this time inside the pasture.  Nature is a wonderful thing.

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