Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flying Tree Limbs

For a change, I went to Field Farm yesterday morning to paint.  The trees screen the background, but I was still looking in the direction of the Hopper, which is far behind on the left.  I wanted to paint some flying tree limbs.  I've been reading David Curtis's book, Painting on Location, in which he recommends using worn brushes for effect.  Most of my brushes fit his description.  I've got some new ones on the way to mix it up a bit.


Donna T said...

What a nice painting, Bob! I really like the effect of looking out on a bright day that you achieved. Those trees have such interesting shapes and spaces between them.

Compton Studio said...

Very nice Bob - Really like this one!

Bob Lafond said...

Donna and Eden, Thank you so much. I just updated the photo since it was a little washed out on the left side. I hope you still like the painting.