Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Connections at Forty-Seven

The forty-seventh pen and ink drawing displays the corner of Franklin Avenue and President Street in Brooklyn.  The bent sign post is also present in the street level Google map photo from October, 2104.  It adds some drama to the drawing.  That is snow on the sidewalk.

I'm reading the book Spirit of Place: Contemporary Landscape Painting & The American Tradition by John Arthur.  He quotes the painter Elmer Bischoff, who said, "The more one brings in terms of depth and diversity of art experience to whatever the art one looks at, the more one will gain from it.  To put this more pointedly, I would argue that a person who responds positively to African sculpture, for example, will find vital qualities in Rembrandt that will escape a person who is blind to the merits of African sculpture.  There is an aesthetic level at which all art forms from all times and all places start to connect."   As you might suppose, Arthur is more inclusive than some of the dogmas in art world would allow.

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