Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Hopper and Visionary Landscape

A 9x12 pastel of the Hopper long view.

Robert Hass in his essay on "Mary Austin and The Land of Little Rain" writes,  "Paysage moralise is the name art criticism has given to the fact that, when human beings describe a landscape, in words or paint, they are usually, perhaps inescapably, describing a vision of the world."  Vision, from the above French term, means a moral view.  I'm not sure what my landscape "vision" is yet.  Elsewhere, in an essay on the poet Robinson Jeffers, Hass writes, "It seems to be the fate of American poets to reinvent the religions of their childhoods in their poetry."   As always, substitute "painting" for "poetry." This might be a clue.

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