Thursday, May 1, 2014

Studio Work

Two studio drawings from today and yesterday.  The top is 9x12 pastel and charcoal, and the bottom 9x12, charcoal only.  Thor, the fabulous artist whose studio I share, did a lot of work this past week, and  "naturally" rearranged the table with all the studio junk.   I told him I was not going to do anything with the table until he was gone, so that I knew it wouldn't change for a while.

As I suggested earlier, this table represents the muck of creation for me.  I'm searching it for something, an entry point, a means to something I haven't quite glimpsed yet, a way forward.  As you may have guessed, and even if you didn't, I've been looking at the drawings and paintings that Diebenkorn did in the late 50's - early 60's, when he was doing studio drawings and paintings (and prints).  I think there's something in that work to build upon.

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