Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ogunquit and Corot

Another 8x10 pastel seascape.

In his short biography of Corot Jean Leymarie writes about Corot's great oil sketch of the Bridge of Narni, "The turbid river flows between rugged banks, dappled with vivid greens and yellows, then suddenly turns blue in the shadows cast by the arches.  By bringing into the foreground a plane remote from the beholder Corot transposes the factual data of reality into the domain of art in this consummate evocation of the life of Nature, her nearby tumult and her ultimate serenity, and the never ending dialogue of light and shade."  I was struck by the phrase about transposing "factual data of reality in the domain of art..." It sums up the mystery of painting, while still keeping it a mystery.

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