Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moving Inland with Monet

A 14x18 oil.  I have moved inland to continue my other project, though I might sneak out to the coast occasionally.  This is a view of the Hopper from the Sweet Brook Farm.

Lately, I have been reading the catalog The Unknown Monet: Pastels and Drawings, which has a lot of information about Monet's early years, which is not available in most if any other Monet books.    The writers, James Ganz and Richard Kendall, make the case that Monet's early and extensive caricatures substituted for his not attending an art academy.  "Representing the opposite of the academic ideals of classical beauty and proportion, and concentrating on the unique features of the modern face rather than the idealized anatomy of the nude body, they nevertheless display the draftsman's proficiency in modeling the tones of flesh in black and white."

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