Thursday, August 8, 2013

Canal Sketching after Monet

The paintings I am working on are not ready, but here are two canal sketches from today's walk.   The rectangle is 8x10.

I have been reading the tome From Corot to Monet: The Ecology of Impressionism (an inter-library loan).  One essay, "Monet on the Normandy Coast: Ecology and Vision" by Maria Grazia Messina, makes the case for Monet's Etretat and environs paintings reflecting his walking up and down steep paths and selecting uncommon views, in his effort to go beyond the customary depictions of the region done by earlier artists.  Monet would carry his gear for miles to paint a view, but he had earlier already made the trek with his sketchbook so he knew where he was going and what he wanted to see.

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