Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Bend in the Canal and Visual Listening

Another simple 8x10 pastel of the canal.

Jonathan Hale writes in The Old Way of Seeing: "A designer is a master of playing; master, most of all, of listening.  There can be a moment of fear just as you let go, when first you become afraid of the modern silence.  The silence is daunting, if you don't try to fill it up.  But such a moment passes.  The silence is unreal.  It is the voices--of shadow and light and pattern--that are real.
In the sense of knowing my inborn patterns, I know much more than I have learned.  In listening--visually--I listen with the force of that self-knowledge."


Casey Klahn said...

I shared this with a friend on FB who was having a mini crisis over some stupid words a patron said. Of course, I gave you credit.

Bob Lafond said...

Casey, Thanks. I am happy that Hale's words can be helpful.