Monday, May 13, 2013

Bond and Union and What's Underneath

The car and the building, both stationary, appear to be going in opposite directions despite being located at Bond and Union in Brooklyn.  9x12 oil.

I am determined to read the entire A la recherche du temps perdu by Proust.  I did not finish the last time.  There's a passage in Swann's Way that has always impressed me, besides the 'madeleine' event.  While on the Guermantes Way, 'Marcel' says:  "...without definite attachment to anything, suddenly a roof, a gleam of sunlight reflected from a stone, the smell of the  road would make me stop still, to enjoy the special pleasure that each of them gave me, and also because they appeared to be concealing, beneath what my eyes could see, something which they invited me to approach and seize from them, but which, despite all my efforts, I never managed to discover.  As I felt that the mysterious object was to be found in them, I would stand there in front of them, motionless, gazing, breathing, endeavouring to penetrate with my mind beyond the thing seen or smelt.  And if I had then to hasten after my grandfather, to proceed on my way, I would still seek to recover my sense of them by closing my eyes;  I would concentrate upon recalling exactly the line of the roof, the colour of the stone, which, without my being able to understand why, had seemed to me to be teeming, ready to open, to yield up to me the secret treasure of which they were themselves no more than the outer coverings."

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