Thursday, February 28, 2013

From Luce Road

A 9x12 oil of a view above Williamstown.

Macfarlane writes, "Small islands have often inspired dreams of total knowledge in those who love them.  I have read the work of several islomaniacs over the years -- Tim Robinson's deep topographies of the Irish Aran islands, Nicolson on the Shiants and Lawrence Durrell on Corfu, as well as Nan Shepherd's study of her inland-island of the Cairngorm massif, and Gilbert White's record of his Hampshire parish of Selborne.  All these people had been animated at first by the delusion of a comprehensive totality, the belief that they might come to know their chosen place utterly because of its boundedness.  And all had, after long acquaintance, at last understood that familiarity with a place will lead not to absolute knowledge but only ever to further enquiry."

I'm an islomaniac, except worse, since I have several islands.

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