Sunday, January 20, 2013

Across Field

This is a similar location as the drawing posted yesterday.  Both are the same size, 9x12.  I particularly wanted to capture the light in the grasses.  I am drawn to fields, pun intended. They have sameness and enormous variety, light and darkness, a sense of freedom but also claustraphobia, life and death.  Walking across one field yesterday, I found the backbone and ribs of a deer.  Maybe I am getting to solemn and ponderous about fields.   They also are a bunch of marks across a piece of paper.

One of the methods I picked up from Degas (maybe he didn't use it quite the same way) is to draw quickly, then fix the drawing, draw again, then fix again, etc.  Previously I tried to get it perfect first, but the drawing turns out more interesting when parts are stabilized before moving further into it.  I have started to do pastels the same way.

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