Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tractor Path

The farmer uses a tractor or a four-wheeled vehicle to move everywhere and anywhere. Since the edges of the field where he drives most of the time are mud, there are ruts in the mud. Fortunately, there are mountains in the background, and corn stalks remnants, and bright skies (sometimes). This is a 9x12 oil, or should I say, a 9x12 mud, but I hope not in the bad sense that oil paint can become like mud.


samacleod said...

Beautiful. I love the way you handle water, puddles, reflections and so forth, like in this one, and the canal ones. Reads like gangbusters, no doubt about what it is. Your work always reads so efficiently. I once had an animation layout class where the teacher said, "If you can't tell what it is, leave it out." I find it easy enough when creating out of your head, but when i am working from nature, I have a hard time keeping objects clear. Does that make sense? I don't know. For me, your work is always top notch in this regard. Love it.

Bob Lafond said...

Steven, I really like the quote from your former teacher. I too have noticed the phenomenon of looking at something, and not being able to figure it out. Sometimes I will go closer to look at it. Other times, I leave it out. I have also revisited a place to figure out what it was that I thought I saw. I think the key is to simplify. The danger is always wanting to add more, and not knowing when to stop. Thanks for your perceptive comments.