Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, Canal, Water, Walk and Draw

While I wait for a couple paintings to complete themselves, I went for a walk 'n draw this evening along the canal in between rain spells. The above is from my current sketchbook. We have had so much rain lately that the river is actually above where it was last week from Irene. And the canal is filling up. It's now only about three feet below normal levels. The image above is best viewed while squinting.


Toodleart said...

I was looking at your pastels of barns which I find to be a compelling little series you have developing when I happened upon this little gem. I like the energy, immediacy and of the action of the moment you captured. Sketches like this remind me to take my book with me more often. Very inspiring. I like your take on the barns too. I grew up in the hills of Los Angeles and it wasn't until I kept relocating to more rural environments that the shapes of barns called out to me as subject matter. Iconic imagery to say the least!

Bob Lafond said...

Victoria, I am so happy that you visited my site and commented. I have always liked your pastels, and have a link to your site on my blog. You mentioned once in a reply to one of my comments about seeing a Segal drawing exhibition, and how it influenced you. I met Segal once and visited his old chicken house studio, not that far from where I live. His drawings are an inspiration.