Monday, February 21, 2011

Blair Road in Winter

Trying to do some verticals for a change of pace. I wish winter would depart for a change of pace.


Donna T said...

Nice composition, Bob. I think verticals give a different feel and for some reason they are usually my first choice. Your bridge painting is wonderful! A question if you don't mind: how do you get the same proportions in your paintings as in your charcoal sketches? A grid of some kind?

Bob Lafond said...

Donna, The same proportions: I work within the box, so to speak, outlining a frame on the paper to work within, which helps with the location of everything. If you paint on canvas, you paint to the edge. Usually, we don't draw to the edge of the paper, unless you plan to hinge and float your drawing in a frame. So work with charcoals and pastels within a "frame". Sometimes my pastel and charcoal versions are not the same as tonight's pastel version of the previous drawing.