Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn, and More Corn

It rained on Friday. Thus, the self-portrait. Al Gury writes in his book Alla Prima, "An old joke among painters is that most self-portraits show the painter looking angry, depressed, or outright crazy. This actually results from the long periods of staring into the mirror..." That's the excuse I will use.

I did get out on Sunday. There are cows in those fields. One decided to eat in front of me. Later I had to shoo it away when it became very interested in what I was doing.


Brian McGurgan said...

Very nice self-portrait, Bob - I'd say you look serious and searching but not necessarily unhappy. Glad to hear that the cow didn't make a nuisance of herself. I had a mule watch me intently for quite awhile this summer, probably trying to figure out why I would be standing outdoors under an umbrella in hundred degree temperatures. I especially like the top painting here with the blue-green profile of the distant hills.

Bob Lafond said...

Brian, The cow did get close enough to worry me. But I threatened to do its portrait, and it turned right around.

Celeste Bergin said...

lol...just have to say you do not look crazy in your self portrait..! lol