Thursday, December 3, 2009

Same Place Different Time

This is the same spot as the previous pastel, except this is early morning. The other view was at mid-day. And the water is much lower.

I am reading another Czeslaw Milosz book, Native Realm, a biography. He writes, "I did not have the makings of an atheist, because I lived in a state of constant wonder, as if before a curtain which I knew had to rise someday."


loriann said...

Bob, Beautiful painting .... one of my favorites.You really nailed it on this one. Subtle and quiet. I love the quote too. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, Thanks. I tried something a bit different with this one.


Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful work, Bob. Each one of these waterside pastels is really nice but this especially got my attention. I like your subtle suggestion of the distant shore here, the warm and cool neutrals, and those wonderful color surprises in blue, red, and violet. Beautifully composed, too - it has a real sense of place and time.

Bob Lafond said...

Brian, Thank you. You agree with my most perceptive critic, so I think you are a genius.